Core Principle

We believe climate change, social justice, and the democratization of markets have created an opportunity for a new breed of socially conscious commodity traders and activist investors to emerge.


We believe ESG will play an increasingly important role in nuclear fuel procurement in America and the European Union. We believe uranium origins have varying grades of social responsibility, which in turn have a direct and quantifiable impact on its operational usability, market pricing, enterprise value of its producer, and reputational risk of its consumer. We believe corporate owners of nuclear power plant fleets should pledge to source natural uranium concentrates from mining operations that affirmatively do not harm or threaten Native American, First Nations, or Aboriginal communities.


We believe dislocation events-when an asset’s price becomes substantially detached from the asset’s underlying value-are potential investment opportunities. We believe the price of undervalued assets will over time revert to its mean relationship with their underlying value. We believe human judgment is fallible and complexity has diminishing (and occasionally negative) marginal returns, so we use simple and intuitive math-based algorithms to make investment decisions. We believe our size, independence, and diversity are strategic advantages in engagements with management teams who must act in a manner consistent with their own stated diversity & inclusion principles.


We believe we have a unique voice and role in the US nuclear energy industry. We believe in the power of economic participation of traditionally underrepresented communities. We believe in creating a multiplier effect by building working relationships with community-based businesses and organizations. We believe in engaging Federal, state, and local public officials on ESG issues that directly impact traditionally underrepresented communities. We believe in working with Black-owned banks, with support from global banks and brokers.